A Time to Reflect

It is December, and the time has come to reflect on a year nearly completed. It is also time to plan and prepare for the beginning of a new year. Having been associated for some time with great leaders and visionaries, such as Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady, I have learned the importance of living life on purpose. One of the first steps in doing this is by taking an honest assessment of your performance and results over the course of the previous year. Look at all of the important areas of your life–and ask yourself questions–to determine if you are having the success you desire. I’m sure that if you are like me, you will have areas that you feel pretty good about; and then other areas that you would rather not evaluate. The good news is that you can improve if you are willing to “face brutal reality”, as Jim Collins commented in his book Good to Great. Upon discovering which areas need improvement, you can then use the PDCA (Plan.Do.Check.Adjust) process. I learned to PDCA from the Team system; and it has helped me tremendously in my personal life, as well as in my business goals.

As December brings this year to a close, it also encourages us to set our sights on a new year…with all of it’s potential for growth and success. Which areas will you work on this next year? In which areas will you no longer accept your current results? Will you set a goal that takes your breath away? Or is it “okay” to just get through another year? As Orrin says, “A goal is planned conflict against the status quo.” Therefore, there will be challenges! But I promise that there will be challenges anyway; so let’s go ahead and dream bigger than ever before.

God bless you on your journey, Dean


3 responses to “A Time to Reflect

  1. Jeff & I loved your blog… And such truths! Thank you for being such a great example in so many areas of your life! God bless!

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