Limiting Beliefs

I guess that it’s time for me to be more proactive about some of the truths that I’ve been learning in my leadership journey.  One of these truths is the negative power that  limiting beliefs have on our results in just about every area of our lives.  When you understand this, it is encouraging because you now have the ability to improve your results if you will confront your limiting beliefs.  Orrin Woodward, who is a great mentor to me, often remarks that a good mentor’s job is to discover the limiting beliefs that are keeping someone from living up to their true potential.  After identifying them, the goal is to direct the person to information that will help them re-frame their thinking.  So, the question is, in which areas of your life would you like to improve your results enough to challenge your current thinking?

I was recently having a conversation with a person who was explaining to me why they continue to struggle with a bad attitude.  It seems there are so many challenges in their life that they feel justified in being negative.  I asked how they were enjoying this negative, “poor-me” existence, and they looked at me as if I had no compassion.  The truth is, they have chosen to view life from the perspective of a victim, and therefore gave up the ability to choose to overcome the issues and/or learn from the ones they couldn’t overcome.  I once heard a speaker, named David Ring, who said that if we are discouraged or down about our life, it is because we are thinking about ourselves.  This is a tough truth and sometimes hard to swallow, but it is also freeing because now we know the solution.  Becoming others-focused, developing a servant leadership mentality, and buying in to the bigger purpose as to why you are here, are all ways to improve your attitude.

How about financially?  How many people have a limiting belief on their ability to overcome their financial struggles.  “Being in debt is just the American way” was a remark that I heard the other day.  I strongly disagree; but if that person continues to speak that way and hang on to that belief, they will fulfill it.  The way to begin to overcome a poor financial situation is to search for information from financially successful people, and learn how to change your habits and beliefs about money.  Learning from the wisdom and mistakes of others is a positive way to develop some belief in yourself and your ability to improve your results–instead of accepting the current situation.

Probably the biggest and most important area in our lives has to do with our relationships.  Starting with our most important relationship, which is with our Creator.  Last Sunday, our pastor mentioned that happiness often depends on our circumstances, and comes and goes accordingly.  Joy depends on our faith and is consistent and present–regardless of our circumstances.  Have you noticed how people who have seemingly accomplished much sometimes live lives with no joy?  What is your belief about this key relationship?  Have you considered the fact that you may be limiting yourself by not searching for the answers?  There is also so much to learn in the other relationships that we all have.  How can we take the lid off our expectations and beliefs and go to another level?  Search for truth!  Be a hungry student!  Improve your people skills!  Learn personalities and love languages!  I suggest to tap into the great resources that the LIFE company offers and leave your limiting beliefs behind.  Begin the journey to becoming the best you that is possible, and live the life you’ve always wanted.

God Bless!